Toppers and Featherbeds

Mattress toppers and featherbeds are one of the most cost effective ways to create a comfortable nights sleep. Pillowtex offers a variety of mattress toppers to meet your needs. Memory foam mattress toppers are the perfect fit for individuals that want their topper to conform to their shape. Latex mattress toppers are the perfect fit for individuals looking for more support. Pillowtex featherbeds are 95% white duck feather and 5% white duck down and offer support and softness while you sleep, they feature a 230 thread count tick and naturally warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Whether you are looking for additional comfort or you are looking to prolong the life of your mattress, a mattress topper or featherbed will fit the bill. Order a Pillowtex mattress topper or featherbed today to enjoy an added level of support and comfort though out the night.

Memory Foam