Pillowtex ® Latex Foam Body Pilow (52" x 16" x 3")
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The Pillowtex ® Latex Foam Body Pillow is ideal for hypo-allergenic benefits, and heat resistance. The Pillowtex ® Latex Foam Body Pillow is a solid piece of elongated latex foam that aids in adding an additional level of support throughout the night. The Pillowtex ® Latex Foam Body Pillow provides a medium-firm support option, making this is an ideal pillow option for side sleepers, expectant mothers, and individuals looking to add the perfect cuddle pillow to their bed. Order the Pillowtex ® Latex Foam Body Pillow today to enjoy a better night's sleep tomorrow.

Product Details Manufacturer: Pillowtex ® Support Level: Medium-Firm Ideal Position: All Sleeping Positions Fill Type: Natural Latex Foam - Hypoallergenic, Anti-Microbial, Dust Mite Resistant, Mold and Mildew Resistant, Moisture and Heat Resistant and Highly Resilient Fabric: 100% Cotton Covering Sizes: Standard 53" X 15" X 5.5" Jumbo 59" X 15" X 5.5" Care Instructions: Cover " Machine Washable, Latex Foam - Spot clean with warm water and a mild detergent Warranty: 3 Year Manufacturer Product Defect Warranty